Texas A&M University Nano/Micro Seminar Series

The Texas A&M University Nano/Micro Seminar Series is a newly launched seminar series to promote multidisciplinary interaction and scientific communication amongst students and faculty in the field of nano/micro technology. We plan to have monthly seminars by experts from both off-campus and on-campus. Following is the schedule for this year.

Sep. 11, 2009.
Prof. Mauro Ferrari
Three Dimensions of Individualized Nanomedicine

Oct. 21, 2009.
Prof. G. Jeffrey Snyder
Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials for Power Generation and Cooling
11AM, ENPH 204

Nov. 17, 20009.
Prof. A. Bruno Frazier
Magnetic Microsystems for Biological Separations
10AM, ZEC 342.

March 30, 2010
Prof. L. Jay Guo
Towards Low-Cost, High Efficiency, and Scalable Organic Solar Cell Fabrication with
Nanoimprinted Transparent Metal Electrode and Improved Domain Morphology

3PM, RICH 101

April 23, 2010
Prof. Philip Hemmer
Progress toward Atomic Scale Imaging in Living Cells with Diamond
10AM, ZEC 103


For more information about the Texas A&M University Nano/Micro Seminar Series, please contact
Arum Han at arum.han@ece.tamu.edu.


First Annual Texas A&M University
Nano/Micro Poster Symposium
Friday, September 11, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Zachry Engineering Center (ZEC) Lobby

The 1st Annual Texas A&M University Nano/Micro Poster Symposium was held on Sep. 11, 2009, at the Zachry Engineering Center (ZEC) Lobby. The poster symposium was a huge success with more than 65 posters and 150 participants from 16 departments across campus. The symposium started with an invited talk from Prof. Mauro Ferrari from UT Health Science Center gave a talk on Nanomedicine.



Steering committee

Arum Han (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Arul Jayaraman (Chemical Engineering)

Mike McShane (Biomedical Engineering)

Dong Hee Son (Chemistry)

Winfried Teizer (Physics)

Choongho Yu (Mechanical Engineering)